Many people believe you need religion to set the correct morals, but morals itself actually has nothing to do with religion.

Having the correct morals will improve your own life as well as others around you.  It also helps to create an improved future for the human race.

If you agree with our list, then your religion is!

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Moral Code - Human Code of Conduct

You must remain truthful with others and to yourself.  Lying, not being accurate, or deliberately giving selected information in a manner as to be biased is never helpful.  Misrepresenting information has a knock-on effect which will almost always produce negative results for yourself and for others.  To be truthful also means you have to try to keep to the promises you make, taking responsibility for your actions, and having the integrity to so when no-one is watching.
Similarly to being truthful, you must be careful only to learn information which is true.  Having a head full of truths will often reveal further hidden truths.
Help; don’t harm others. Protect and defend what is good, so the good of today lives to create and propagate an even better future through communication and evolution.
Be aware that all resources are limited by planetary size. Therefore many resources have a much higher value than the current value perceived. Protect our future by not wasting resources and by not creating economic dependency on a single limited resource. 
Property takes time to create, is valued and usually useful. Theft of property means your stealing someone’s time and money that doesn’t belong to you.
Pollution causes harm to life directly and indirectly.  Earth is in a delicate environmental balance, so don’t upset that balance with our pollution.  Pollution is also inefficient because managing waste today is much easier than trying to manager the problem later.  
Knowledge is power.  To be in a position to protect life and future life, is difficult to achieve if you don’t have the knowledge in how to do so.  So educate yourself and help educate others.